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Health Exam

This is actually the most important part of your pet's health. A thorough exam can reveal conditions that can be treated or managed better if diagnosed early.


We will weigh your pet to make sure there hasn't been any unnoticed changes. We will examine your pets eyes, ears and nose for any signs of irritation, discharge, or other signs of illness. Your pets mouth and teeth are checked for signs of tartar, redness and other symptoms of oral diseases. We will listen to your pet's lungs and heart for signs of problems and examine your pets abdomen and joints.


A full head to tail examination!


Each client receives a detailed report of their pet(s) exam. This includes the doctor's assessment, diagnosis and plans for continued care or services needed. 

Dental Services

Regular pet dental care does more than just keep your pets breath fresh and clean. Dental hygiene is an important part of your pets health and can often be the cause of serious illness. If left untreated, dental problems can lead to larger systemic issues in your pet due to oral bacteria entering the blood stream and damaging the heart, liver and kidneys.  In fact, it is estimated that more than 80% of dogs and 70% of cats develop tooth and gum disease by the age of three years. Dental disease and it's serious consequences can be avoided by having regular dental check-ups and teeth cleaning.


At FFPC our services include ultrasonic cleaning and polishing of each tooth. Digital full mouth x-rays are taken which can prevent or uncover dental issues before they become a health threat. Extractions are provided to manage and treat severe oral conditions. 

Diagnostic Services

We provide a broad spectrum of diagnostic procedures through in house testing and use of an external lab. We also work closely with local practices when special diagnostic procedures are required. Our clinic includes a well-stocked pharmacy, in hospital surgery suite, digital radiography and a closely supervised hospitalization area. 


Digital Radiology provides a look inside the body and reveals information otherwise not seen. This allows us to evaluate almost any organ including heart, lungs, abdominal organs and bones. 


Sick/Illness Workup If your pet becomes ill, deciding what tests to run can be confusing and expensive. FFPC has combined the tests required for an initial work-up at a savings to you. 


  • Exam

  • CBC/SuperChem

  • Radiograph 2 Views

  • Urinalysis/Culture


Laser therapy is a very exciting advancement in modern veterinary medicine. It is a painless and non-invasive procedure that uses photons (light) to improve cell health, reduce inflammation, stimulate blood flow and release endorphins (body's natural pain killer). 


It is useful for post-surgical incisions, injury treatment, granulomas, cat bite abscesses, chronic ear infections and neck and back pain. 


Pets do not have to be sedated for laser therapy. Experience is usually pleasant and comforting. Improvement is sometimes seen after first treatment. However, most pets require several treatments to achieve maximum benefits. 

Avid Microchip

Microchips are small computer chips that are the size of a grain of rice that are inserted under pets skin between their shoulder blades. Your pet now has his own unique ID number. We recommend that all pets receive a microchip to help ensure that your pet is returned to you if ever lost or stolen. 


Our clinic offers a wide range of surgical procedures. We very commonly perform spay and neuter surgeries. We also perform soft tissue surgeries such as tumor removal, splenectomies, bladder stone removal and biopsies. Pre-anesthetic bloodwork is a must and done prior to the procedure. 


Each patient has an IV catheter placed, fluids given and oxygen, blood pressure, heart rate are continuously monitored. Pain management is a vital aspect of our pre intra & post operative medical protocol. 


Our recovery room is heated and a camera monitors the patient from any computer in the clinic. Also, a surgical technician is with your pet when waking up from anesthesia and monitored for a safe recovery. 


We are one of the few clinics in the Rockford area to perform ultrasounds.


An ultrasound allows us to evaluate the abdominal organs (liver, kidneys, spleen, intestines, stomach and bladder) more closely. We are able to detect tumors, cysts, stones and inflammation. Ultrasounds are also used for pregnancy evaluation. 


Vaccinations help pets live longer, healthier lives. Protecting your pet is our primary goal, so developing an appropriate vaccine schedule for your pet is important to us. It is just as important that we do not under vaccinate as well as over vaccinate your pet. We understand that your pet is unique and no single vaccine program will be ideal for every pet. Let us give you the best advice for keeping your pet healthy and develop a vaccination schedule based on lifestyle, overall health, risk of exposure to infectious diseases and other factors. 


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